We have combined two affordable and in-demand financial Products with a Business Opportunity which anyone irrespective of background, education and experience can make use of.


Currently we market two highly in-demand products, legal and funeral cover. What sets ours apart from the rest is that both products are very affordable even to the lowest of income earners and it can actually help you earn more money.

legal insurance

Legal Assist

Everyone has a life filled with distractions and things that really matter. Now you can remove the worry of getting professional legal advice when you desperately need it from your list. We focus on your legal matters so that you can focus on what really matters.

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funeral cover

Funeral Cover

Now you can rest assured that when the unfortunate and untimely death of a loved one causes such heartache and pain that you wouldn't still have to worry about the expenses that come with it. We'll take care of that in order for you to focus on coming to terms with the loss.

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funeral insurance


Having funeral cover alone is not sufficient anymore. We offer you the opportunity to enjoy more benefits with some good, value-for-money add-on products at a small additional monthly fee which will make a big difference when a claim is lodged.

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About us

our Story

“Equal Justice For All” sounds good, the only problem is that it is just not true in South Africa. The fact is that in this country you get as much justice as you can afford. In today’s world, justice is on the same level as suits, cars and homes – you can buy it – and the more money you have or the “better” position you hold in society, the better version you can get.

I’ve been an advocate for the past 20 years and worked as a state prosecutor for 4 years prior to that so I’ve experienced this personally. Many people are in jail today because of the bad legal representation they had. ...

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The future of MULTISURE is very bright! We are a solid company:

  • In business since 2000
  • Member of the Direct Selling Association of South Africa
  • Registered with the Department of Trade & Industry
  • An Authorized Financial Services Provider
  • Unique service / concept
  • A Solid Infrastructure
  • Progressive, forward-looking & dynamic leadership
  • Making use of the latest technology

Looking forward to helping you achieve more in life.


A dynamic 100% South African “born and bred” company started in the year 2000.

We are currently seeking individuals just like you to partner with us as we expand our business throughout South Africa.


We have combined two affordable and in-demand financial Products with a Business Opportunity which anyone irrespective of background, education and experience can make use of.


People from all walks of life in South Africa are looking for a better alternative to earn a living - a better way to make money. Just about everyone is starting to realise that financial freedom doesn't come by way of a 9-5 job. Most want to earn what they are earning now and more but without having to obey that alarm clock, commuting to and from work and working for someone who is only interested in growing the company's profit.


No company consists of one or two individuals. What started out as a family business
has now grown into a team of key individuals.


Do I need a computer and internet connection to do the business?

Can I do the business if I do not have any sales and / or marketing experience?

What income will I be earning?

What are the requirements to do the business?

Where do I get the necessary marketing material, etc to do the business?

Do I need to buy a Business Kit every time my marketing material and forms dry up?

How much is the admin fee?

Do I need to take out both policies in order to market both?

Do I have to sell the policies in person and therefore I have to purchase the Business kit?

When and where are your contact and / or training sessions held?

Why do you not have an office in my area?

When do I get paid?

How do I make use of my FREE replicated websites?

What happens to my income if I pass away?

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281 Florida Road, Hacienda Building (next to Spar), Morningside, Durban


24 Tecoma Street, Berea

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62 Cathedral Street (next to CCMA)

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