Earn Even More!

The Top Performer Bonus increases your income potential with South Africa’s Number 1 Income Opportunity .  

All members featuring on the Top Performer list on our website will earn the following BONUS amounts: 

5+ new members R200 Bonus
10+ new members R500 Bonus!
20+ new members R1250 Bonus!!
50+ new members R3000 Bonus!!!
100+ new members R10000 Bonus!!!!


1.    Please note that in order to qualify for these FANTASTIC BONUSES, the application forms and the first payments must be received from the new members in the same calendar month.

2.    The above bonuses cannot be earned together with another promo / bonus. In the latter case the higher amount will be paid out to the Independent Consultant.

3.    The new Top Performer Bonuses can be earned by Independent Consultants who place new members first line or place new members under others in their downline but then they must indicate on the application form that they are the Recruiter.