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“Equal Justice For All” sounds good, the only problem is that it is just not true in South Africa. The fact is that in this country you get as much justice as you can afford. In today’s world, justice is on the same level as suits, cars and homes – you can buy it – and the more money you have or the “better” position you hold in society, the better version you can get.

I’ve been an advocate for the past 20 years and worked as a state prosecutor for 4 years prior to that so I’ve experienced this personally. Many people are in jail today because of the bad legal representation they had. Others are roaming the streets because their lawyer was paid more and had better brains or more experience than the state prosecutor. The same applies to civil and labour matters. The one with the best lawyer (who is usually also the most expensive) usually wins the case.

This ought not to be. Everyone deserves justice, but understandably, not everyone can afford it. It was this fact that convinced me to start my own legal cover company. Of course there were other legal cover companies around at the time but I wanted to do something different, something that would be more accessible and offer more value for money instead of providing cover which at the end of the day doesn’t really mean anything.

The same applies to funeral expenses. Everyone deserves a decent burial but not all people make provision for the expenses that go with funerals.

Then there is something else that “pushed” me and made me do this thing and start this company. Every day I saw people walking into my office who could not afford to pay me for much needed legal services they required and in many cases I ended up working as a charity organisation. These people couldn’t put bread on the table, never mind pay legal fees. I wanted to help people better their circumstances and see them get more out of life by making ends meet. It bothered me that there were so many people out there just "making it" – just surviving with nothing to offer themselves and their loved ones. No money to enjoy life, no new clothes, no nothing – just food and the basics... if they were lucky.

I therefore decided on “merging” the two, much needed services and an income / business opportunity. Today I am excited. I’m seeing lives changed, children attend school that couldn’t, bonds settled, cars purchased and old dreams (what I call the “school-year-dreams”) come to life again. It’s amazing to see and even more amazing to experience. It is something that drives me to “create” more people like that and get the ones who are benefiting at the moment to go for even more because it is working. We are on the way – turning ordinary people into extra-ordinary people.

This proven system has been tried and tested, for some more than for others but it works, it produces and it’s simple.

We have many stories on record of people who have used their subscription to our Legal Assist and / or Funeral Cover services and saved thousands of rands in the process and we obviously have the ones of people who put food on the table with our system by helping us spread the word and get new members to join, which makes me really proud of what we do at MULTISURE.

I believe anyone can achieve his / her dreams, accomplish their goals and do the “impossible” in the eyes of others. Yes, it might take time, effort and determination but that shouldn’t stop you. Most people work for 40 years and put in all the effort and determination to be successful at work and build someone else’s dream just to end up retiring broke and being dependent on family.

The future of MULTISURE is very bright ! We are a solid company:

  • In business since 2000
  • Member of the Direct Selling Association of South Africa
  • Registered with the Department of Trade & Industry
  • An Authorized Financial Services Provider
  • Unique service / concept
  • A Solid Infrastructure
  • Progressive, forward-looking & dynamic leadership
  • Making use of the latest technology

Looking forward to helping you achieve more in life.

See you at the TOP!

Denton Goodford