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    Our Products

    Our Products

    Currently we market two highly in-demand products, legal and funeral cover. What sets ours apart from the rest is that both products are very affordable even to the lowest of income earners and it can actually help you earn more money.

    Everyone has a life filled with distractions and things that really matter. Now you can remove the worry of getting professional legal advice when you desperately need it from your list. We focus on your legal matters so that you can focus on what really matters.

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    Now you can rest assured that when the unfortunate and untimely death of a loved one causes such heartache and pain that you wouldn't still have to worry about the expenses that come with it. We'll take care of that in order for you to focus on coming to terms with the loss.


    View the benefits of our funeral cover service by clicking here. >

    An Authorised Financial Services Provider
    FSP number 21043


    We are not in any way affiliated to
    Mutual & Federal Insurance Company Ltd.