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Step 1

In order to start your own business and become an independent consultant with us you need to subscribe to one of our services yourself. You can do so online by going to either legal assist or funeral cover or you can SMS JOIN and Your Name to 47474 or you can fill in your details below and we will contact you to do the sign up process.


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Step 2

Once we receive your first premium and once-off admin fee of R120 we will provide you with your username and password with which you will be able to access the Member Area. Inside this area you will find all the information you need to do our business successfully.

Step 3

We work with you every step of the way in order to make you one of our success stories.

Benefits of joining a Reputable Network / Multi-Level Marketing Company:

1. Your own business

Essentially, every Multi-Level Marketer (Independent Consultant/Associate) becomes an entrepreneur and owner of a small business. This is so because each Multi-Level Marketer operates independently from the parent company and only markets the service or service of the parent company. Multi-Level Marketing has also been explained as franchising-in-people. Many of us are aware of the Spur franchise. The first Spur was started in Cape Town and other people then bought into the franchise and opened up more Spur restaurants. These people, the franchisees, operate their own business but they market and sell the original Spur restaurant’s food and beverages. Similarly, every Independent Consultant (IC) of ours operates his/her own business marketing MULTISURE’s legal and funeral cover packages. Many full-time Multi-Level Marketers even go as far as opening their own offices or building offices at their homes from which they operate their businesses.

2. Virtually no cash needed to start your own business

Unlike traditional ways of setting up a business or the normal franchise route, Multi-Level Marketing offers you the opportunity to start your own business with very low capital outlay. In our case the only requirement is that you invest a minimum of R30 to subscribe to one of our services yourself. Thereafter you are free to start recruiting members and earn additional income.

3. Part-time or Full-time

Most Multi-Level Marketers start off part-time and build their businesses and incomes up to a stage where they feel comfortable doing the business full-time with most of them operating from home.

4. Leverage

In a normal/traditional business situation the amount of business a sales person/marketer acquires is determined by the number of customers/clients he or she sees. No matter how motivated and effective that sales person is, he or she can only see a certain maximum number of people in one day.

In MLM every new member becomes not only a member of MULTISURE but if he/she wishes to make use of the income opportunity, also becomes a “franchisee” (let’s call this person A). A will earn commission from all the people whom he/she recruits for as long as they remain members and pay their monthly premiums. However, it does not stop there. All those people recruited by A can (if they so choose) become one of the A’s sales people (let’s call one of them B). B then can become a “franchisee” in his own right and all the people that he/she recruits can become sales people in B’s business. Should B recruit new members then A will also benefit from the work of B and earn a portion of the allocated commission paid out in terms of MULTISURE’s commission structure for the work that B has done. Although we make use of only two levels to explain the concept, A and B can earn multiple streams of income from all the sales people in their business no matter where they are positioned in A or B’s business - infinite levels wide and deep.

5. A Huge Market

Although there are a number of Multi-Level Marketing companies operating in South Africa, MULTISURE is the only one offering legal cover using the Multi-Level Marketing system. That means we have no competition and a huge untapped market.

6. Unlimited Income Opportunity

Multi-Level Marketing generally offers each one willing to take on the opportunity the chance to earn an unlimited income only determined by the amount of work that they are willing to and actually put into the business.

7. Low overheads that are tax deductible

The overheads for operating your business and marketing the MULTISURE legal and funeral cover packages are generally very low. An added benefit is that these expenses are tax deductible.