What is NOT covered by the Legal Cover?

Apart from any exclusions set out in the policy document which will be sent to the member, the following will be specifically excluded from cover under the MultiSure Legal Cover

  • The insured's business, trade or occupation.
  • Professional sport, copyrights, patent rights or similar rights.
  • A legal action involving MultiSure.
  • A traffic offence for which an admission of guilt fine has been determined.
  • Where it is clear that the policy holder has no defence against a civil claim.
  • Where the policy holder is involved in nuclear weapons material, civil commotion, war, mutiny, insurrection, revolution.
  • If the policy holder insists on and defending/handling a matter in a way which differs from the advice of the attorney that represents the insured, or when the insured does not give timely, proper and complete information to his/her attorney appointed by MultiSure.
  • The recovery of payment of any excess in respect of motor vehicle insurance.
  • The use of power driven vehicle, water craft or aircraft in racing.
  • Debt collection matters.
  • Where the policy holder wants to enforce his/ her rights as a landlord.
  • Divorces prior to a two year waiting period lapsing.
  • Maintenance matters prior to a two year waiting period lapsing.
  • Any known losses, claims for incidents or events prior which were known or occurred prior to the inception date of this cover.
  • Any legal matter which is not in the personal and private capacity of the Insured or is in any way business-related.
  • Legal action instituted against the policy holder or where the policy holder must institute action in a court outside South Africa.
  • Where the policy holder’s action / defence forms part of a class action.
  • Where the policy holder’s actions or that of his dependants are vexacious or malicious
  • Acts performed by the insured as a representative of a legal entity.
  • A dispute which falls within the jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court.
  • Blacklist removal prior to a two year waiting period lapsing.
  • Where the action is based on defamation, insult, verbal abuse, or any other infringement of the Insured's personality, reputation or dignity.
  • Property transfer costs.
  • Legal expenses where such legal expenses are those of a third party incurred by the policy holder as a result of a court order awarded in favour of the third party against the
  • policy holder.
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