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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a computer and internet connection to do the business?

No, there are many Independent Consultants doing our business without the use of a computer or internet connection.

Can I do the business if I don't have any sales and / or marketing experience?

Absolutely! Our business is suited for everyone and we provide you with all the information, training and support you need to be successful.

What income will I be earning?

Your level of income will depend on your efforts as well as those whom you assist to do the business and earn an income.

What are the requirements to do the business?

You have to take out at least one of our policies for yourself, either our legal or funeral cover. This is the main qualification / requirement.

Where do I get the necessary marketing material, etc to do the business?

We provide you with a Business Kit which costs R110.00 and includes everything you need to do the business and earn a minimum income of R2500. Included are application forms, brochures, our Fast Start to Success training manual and a company folder. You’ll feel confident knowing you have all the tools to do our business successfully plus the back-up and support from our team.

Do I need to buy a Business Kit every time my marketing material and forms dry up?

No, you only need to supplement those items you require. A price list is available in our Member Area which you will have access to once you join and we receive your first premium and once-off admin fee.

How much is the admin fee?

The admin fee is R120 in respect of each policy you take out with us. The admin fee is used to register you with our underwriters, provide you with your policy document, etc.

Do I need to take out both policies in order to market both?

No, you do not need to subscribe to both policies. The requirement is that you subscribe to at least one of our policies. There is however nothing preventing you of course from subscribing to both policies.

Do I have to sell the policies in person and therefore I have to purchase the Business kit?

No, there are three options to do our business: (1) using the internet /e-mail (2) in person using the Business kit (3) both methods (which we recommend).

When and where are your contact and / or training sessions held?

We constantly monitor the situation and as far as possible visit those areas where there are good prospects of us growing our membership but generally the visits / presentations / trainings depend on how active the Independent Consultants are in a specific area. We usually require a minimum of 10 active IC's from a specific area in order to make it viable for us to pay the city / town a visit.

Why do you not have an office in my area?

In today's world the ease of doing business does not require us to have offices all over South Africa. Most companies do not have offices in each and every city / town as it only increases the costs of running the business. Technology like the internet, phones, fax machines and sms services make our business very simple and easy to do. Levels of communication by us is of a very high standard and usually within 12 hours if by email.

How do I get paid?

We pay the commission due to you on the 15th of every month.

How do I make use of my FREE replicated websites?

This we show you in our Member Area to which only members have access.

What happens to my income if I pass away?

You can leave your income / business to anyone you choose and that person can simply take over your business.

Please feel free to email us to if you have any other questions / queries or call us on 087 943 2502.

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