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Business Opportunity

People from all walks of life in South Africa are looking for a better alternative to earn a living - a better way to make money. Just about everyone is starting to realise that financial freedom doesn't come by way of a 9-5 job. Most want to earn what they are earning now and more but without having to obey that alarm clock, commuting to and from work and working for someone who is only interested in growing the company's profit.

What are the alternatives?

Every millionaire will tell you that there is no better way to achieve true financial freedom than to start and run your own business. A business where you decide when and where to work, go on holiday when you want, decide how much you want to earn and so much more.

But! Starting a business of your own is not easy. Only 5 percent of new businesses make it past the first year. Only 1 percent past 5 years. Why? Running a business of your own involves investing a lot of capital. Starting a franchise like a Spur restaurant for example will cost you in excess of R1 million just to open the doors and that is the case with most other businesses. Then there are the long hours, staff problems and all the rest.

No, you don't want to go down that lane.

So, what is the solution?

A Home Business - that is the answer! Every single day three times more home businesses are started in America than any other form of business and the same trend is coming to South Africa. People have come to learn that there is a great alternative to old-school businesses - Starting a Network Marketing Home Business is the The Way To Go!


It offers you all the benefits of starting and running your own business minus the costs, planning, set up and problems that come with a traditional business. In Network Marketing you get to enjoy all the benefits of working for yourself and while you are in business for yourself, you are not in business by yourself. This is so because Network Marketing consists of a network of people working towards the same goals and who have the same mind-set: To be successful! To get there but also help each other get there. In Network Marketing you do not only look after your own interests but seek to make as many people as possible just as successful as you are or, better still, more successful than you are.

How does that happen?

In our business you not only earn from your own efforts but also from the efforts of those who partner with you in building a solid, income generating network of like-minded people. What's more - the rules are the same for everyone. No one is favoured, no one is automatically entitled to earn more than the next one and everyone earns according to his/her own efforts. Yes, luck plays a role (as in any business) but generally it is the hard work and consistent effort you put into your own business and that of your team that leads to success.

How do I start my own Network Marketing Business and become an Independent MultiSure Consultant?

You subscribe to at least one of our products yourself, either LegalSure or FuniSure or both (you can click on Join Now). From thereon we show you how to effectively market those exact same products to others as well as show them how to set up their own businesses as part of your team. All this you can do part-time or full-time depending on your schedule. In other words we provide you with products and an income opportunity which you can start marketing the minute we have approved your application. You can start right now - right here!

How will I do the business?

Three options are available depending on how you would like to do the business: internet, one-on-one or both methods and we show you exactly how to do it with full back-up, support and training from not only the one who introduced you to the business but also from our office personnel. You will not be left on your own. We have worked with people from all walks of life and have helped them succeed. We are ready and looking forward to doing it for you.

Why we are different?

We sell products that everybody needs and which most people can afford making it an easy-to-do-business for you. In addition, many people will want to hear about our income opportunity from you. It's an absolute win-win situation and all of this only means one thing:

Financial freedom is now within Your reach ... with us!